What is yarnpeople?

There are many, many pattern and craft channels and, of course, craft magazines in the world.

But ask yourself this….how varied and diverse are the people who make and model the designs featured?

Do you see designers of colour? What about people in places outside of the  US and the UK? What about the ages of the models and the designers? And if stories are featured, are the life experiences represented varied?

As designers both Katie and I know just how terrifying it is to put yourself forward for a magazine, and we are both middle-class white women.  So think how difficult it is for anyone who isn’t a middle-class white woman to do the same task….

Anyone who feels left outside the narrow band we are shown is less likely to offer up a design, or start a business, or put forth an article which in turn increases the likelihood that we see less diversity represented.

A rather unpleasant cycle when you stop to think about it.

Katie and I weren’t happy to just sit back and grumble about this situation.

We wanted to do something!

After discussions with designers and dyers of colour, after talking with peers in Swatch Studio about older models and their impact on sales, after realizing that the same stories were presented over and over again despite knowing that the yarn community at large is fairly diverse, Katie and I decided to launch our own yarn magazine.

We wanted to create something where intentional inclusion is the foundation of the whole project: from the designers, to the models, to the content, to the interviews, and even to the advertisers.

We wanted a publication that values and shows the whole person behind the design and the yarn. Somewhere everyone would be able to see someone who ‘looks like me,’ but also people who don’t look like us or do like us.

Through the digital pages of yarnpeople we’ll be sharing the stories of the people and places of yarn.

There will be an emphasis on inclusion at all levels: designers of colour, models of all ages, knitters with beards, all have a place within the yarn world and within our e-zine.  Not just stunning designs to be knitted and crocheted, but their stories to share: how their making impacts their lives, and how their lives impact their making.

We are amazed and a bit overwhelmed at the wonderful response we have received so far! We can not wait to share our new lookbook with you all next week.

If you have any questions hop on over to Instagram, and join the discussion.

The magazine will be launching soon, and if you want to support yarnpeople, you can share the word about this project, and of course, buy a copy of the first issue or even a subscription.

Remember #yarnpeoplearethebestpeople,

Babs & Katie