Teresa Sánchez

Teresa Sánchez designed the Lifepath Shawl for Issue 3 | Cables.

Teresa’s Story

My mother teach me knitting when I was 7-8 years old; I remember doing a scarf for my little sister who was starting pre-school, it has so many holes in it! Since I can remember I love doing things with my hands, maybe it was because I see it on my family. Some years ago I re-started knitting after a long period, and I also get into felt crafts too because I love wool and sheep! I ended up sewing little toys with fabrics I designed. 

worked for a haberdashery company for while, I sell yarnsneedlesfabrics… and I also teach knitting and crochet, and also made a little approach to hand dyeing yarn so I decided to go full time self-employed and incorporate yarns to my little business. At the same time, I started to design patterns too.

create for others to create! I love creating colours to inspire others to make their own garments, accessories, to knit or crochet something special for them or to give to others. I also try to design patterns with little challenges in them, like new techniques to learn. And I teach children and adults to knit and crochet, so they can create whatever they want, it’s amazing to see the things they can do with their hands!


[Image Description: Teresa’s short, straight auburn hair is parted to one side, and she gently smiles towards the camera. She is wearing her bright yellow, turquoise, and white Lifepath Shawl over a grey top. The background is a field of green grass with some bushes and a tree that has just begun to get leaf buds showing against the blue sky.]