Submit a Design

Once you are ready to submit a design proposal please complete the form below and send your design PDF to  Your PDF should include:

  • Your name
  • Swatch photograph
  • Sketch of Design
  • Suggestions for yarn
  • Yardage or weight of yarn needed


  • Ravelry link to a published design

Important Note

Make sure you have read and understood the requirements for this issue, our currently open calls give all the details you need.


Designer Information

We will also need the following information, all contributors are asked to supply this as you know we believe the people behind the products are equally important to the yarnpeople community.

  • Your Name
  • Your business name
  • Web link to promote (to be live linked from blog or pdf)
  • Preferred Pronouns she/her, he/him, they/their, or however you want to be identified
  • You story, this is where you can go into as much detail as you feel comfortable sharing.  Talk about you, your journey through life and how yarn has impacted you and those around you. There must be mention of your intersection of making with identity.
  • Your chosen hashtags please think deeply about these, #doglover isn’t what we are looking for here.

As an example my hashtags include  #childless, #adoptionrocks, #alzheimerssucks, #autismmum and #mentalhealthadvocate

If you want to brainstorm or discuss please get in touch with Katie via

We may need to get in touch again, we’re new at this too.

All the best,