Robynn Wheldon

Robynn Wheldon designed the Twist Again Pullover for Issue 3 | Cables.

Robynn’s Story

I’ve always been a knitter. Since picking up the needles to stave off boredom in my Cape Town high school, I haven’t been able to put them down. And like a lot of other crafters, I’ve done a lot of dreaming about how to make crafting my livelihood. In fact I used to run an online yarn shop, and of course I’ve turned my professional editorial skills to use in publishing patterns.

The funny thing is that although people tend to think of knitting or crochet as solitary hobbies, it’s the connections I’ve formed through craft that I value most of all. The best thing about running my shop was the relationships I had with suppliers and customers who were as passionate about making as I was. The best experience I’ve had as a designer was collaborating with Julia Günther and Emily K Williams on our Lost in the Woods collection. And the best friends I’ve made as an adult – the best networks I’ve found to help me make my home in first London, now Zurich – have been found through knitting.

I write a monthly newsletter, collecting links of interest to creative people. Its slogan is “Making is meaning.” If making means a lot to you too, I think you’d enjoy it!


[Image Description: Robynn is smiling directly into the camera. Her long, curly light brown hair hangs down over a brioche shawl that is wrapped around her shoulders. There is a large tree trunk in the background.]