Popcorn at the Movies-Part One

Yes!  The very first yarnpeople makealong or MAL is here.  There will be two patterns incuded in the MAL, one for crochet and the other for knit.  The first I'm sharing with you is the crochet Popcorn at the Movies shawl.

A fun make with some new stitches for beginners or some relaxing repeats for more experienced crocheters out there.

This is a crochet pattern in three parts written using UK terms.

There are several video tutorials to support beginners and I'm happy to answer any questions in the yarnpeople facebook group.

The patterns will be released for free through the website, no logins will be required to acess the parts, however a complete PDF will be available ​free to newsletter members on publishing the final part of the pattern.

Note:  Links in the 'What you will need' box below ​may be affiliate links, no cost to you if used and I do really appreciate the support those extra pennies provide.

Part One Film Strips - Notes

​The Ch4 at the beginning of every row is the equivalent of tr1.

Ch5 at the beginning of row 7/11/15 is the equivalent of tr1 plus ch1 for the setup of the filmstrip grids. 

Rows 5 - 8 are repeated 3 times until a total of 15 rows have been worked for this section.

Video tutorial for working the grids can be found here.


​ch     ​








​Treble crochet

Chain space

​Backpost treble crochet, tutorial here

Front post trebl crochet, tutorial here




​​Using ​MC create a Magic Circle. Tutorial ​here

Row 2: Ch4, tr4, ch2, tr5, turn. (Pull the loop tight)

Row 3: Ch4, tr2 in 1st tt, tr4, (tr2, ch2, tr2) in ch sp, tr4, tr3 in last st, turn.

Row 4: Ch4, tr2 in 1st st, tr to chsp, (tr2, ch2, tr2) in chsp, tr to last st, tr3 in last st, turn.

Row 5​: ​Ch4, tr2 in 1st st, bptr to chsp, (tr2, ch2, tr2) in chsp, bptr to last st, tr3 in last st, turn.

Change to CC1

Row​​​ 6: Ch4, tr2 in 1st st, fptr to chsp, (tr2, ch2, tr2) in chsp fptr to last st, tr3 in last st, turn.

Change to MC

Row 7: Ch5, (tr1, ch1, sk1) to chsp, (tr1, ch2, tr1) in chsp, ch1, (tr1, ch1, sk1) to last st, (tr1, ch1, tr1) in last st, turn.

Row 8: Ch4, tr2 in 1st st, tr to centre chsp, (tr2, ch2, tr2) in chsp, tr to last st, tr3 in last st, turn.

Keep using the colour changes as above repeating Rows 5 - 8 until 15 rows have ben worked in total.


I will running a giveaway for those who participate actively the MAL.  Folk will be selected at random for all those using the hastag #yarnpeopleMAL on either facebook or instagram to share yarn choices or progress pics.

Currently there are a selection of stitchmarkers, copies of yarnpeople and pattern discounts to be won.

If you would like to donate something for the MAL as a gift please get in touch with me at babs@yarnpoeple.co.uk.


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