Pay What You Wish Pricing for yarnpeople Back Issues

Here at yarnpeople, we understand many people use yarncraft as an affordable version of therapy, and particularly that those who live with a disability may also live under restricted finances as a result. ⁣

There are so many places in society where accessibility for disabled people is not taken seriously. This is a real issue and knitting/crochet are some of the things which help with not just being so sick, when a person can’t even leave the house, but also managing the pain. Yarncraft gives a sense of accomplishment and of course the important community online.⁣

To ensure that yarnpeople is accessible to everybody, back issues will now be available with a range of discounts from $9 up to $21, or of course the original cover price of $25 for those who can afford to support yarnpeople at a higher level.⁣

There is no limit on the number of copies available with⁣ this pricing model. It’s an honour system which I’m sure our audience will respect and understand.⁣ ⁣ Crucially yarnpeople will still be donating $2 for every⁣ issue purchased whether at full value or under the pay what you wish model. The support of charity is part of⁣ the core values here at yarnpeople.⁣

With each new release of yarnpeople the previous issue will become available as #paywhatyouwant to ensure the important message within yarnpeople is available to everyone, including those living within a limited budget.⁣

There will be a range of price options available through the⁣ website; simply click the price you wish to pay at the top of the page and the discounts will be applied automatically for you at Ravelry. All the standard functionality of Ravelry⁣ purchases will apply, with copies instantly available for you to read and cast on for a new project.⁣

[Image description: The cover of the first issue of yarnpeople is visible on a tablet on the left side of the photo, with three US dollars fanned out in the top right corner, and a small coin purse with a few coins in the bottom right.]