Open Call

​I will shortly be publishing the Open Call details for the remaining issues of yarnpeople in 2020. I’m looking for a wide range of stylish and wearable projects in both knit and crochet. We encourage submissions from new designers, as well as established names.  We also welcome patterns which have been previously published, so you can shine a light on that overlooked design if it fits our themes.

To make sure not to miss the open call details please join our designers mailing list below.​  I keep the overall requirements for all submissions below for information.

yarnpeople caters to a range of ages and ability levels so beginner, intermediate and advanced patterns are equally welcome – the beauty of the design is what is most important.

I ​prepare Pinterest mood boards for inspiration, but please don’t let these limit you – if you have a great idea for a design which you think would fit in well into yarnpeople, I’d love to see it.

We are specifically looking to include designers and models we don't often see in other media: DoC (Designers of Colour), designers from/living in places outside of the US and UK, ​male designers, gender-queer designers, etc

Each issue will include a combination of both knit and crochet patterns;

  • 5 or 6 accessories. Quick knits and one-ball makes such as hats, scarves, mitts, bags etc. Each issue includes at least 1 shawl & 1 pair of socks.
  • 2 or 3 garments. Generally pitched at an intermediate skill level, we tend to print patterns which are primarily wearable and stylish. All garments must be sized up to at least a 5X.
  • 1 or 2 babies’ and children’s knits and 1 or 2 toys. We have a preference for contemporary, gender-neutral designs but we’re open to more traditional patterns too.
  • 1 or 2 Home knits. Beautiful, useful, sometimes unexpected things. Cushions, gadget cases and tea cosies are welcome, we also include dog jackets in this section.  We have received many requests for jackets for our furry friends but have yet to receive any designs!

In each issue, about half of the patterns should respond directly to that issue’s theme; the remainder can simply be beautiful, inspiring designs.

Submission requirements

​The submission should be presented in a PDF document, with your name and email address on every page. All information should be included in the submission document, including pictures. Please also tell us where we can find other examples of your work – a link to your Ravelry designer profile is ideal. You will be commissioned to write a full pattern (including any alternative sizes) and knit/crochet a sample. We will take care of photography, you will be required to post your sample to the UK.

Details to include:

  • ​Issue Number & Pattern Name
  • ​Designer Name
  • ​Yarn suggestions and rough yardage used
  • Swatch photo and sketch of finished piece
  • ​Your Ravelry ID and Instagram ID
  • ​Brief description of the piece

IMPORTANT: Please create a separate PDF for each idea and name the file in the following format:

YourName_Issue6.pdf      or      YourName_Issue7.pdf


The deadline for submissions will be 9 am UK time on Friday 1st November. I am aiming to get all commissions sent out within a week or so of that date. Deadlines for final patterns and samples will be December or January, depending which issue you are commissioned for.

Send to/contact

Please send your submissions to me by email:

If you are sending multiple submissions, please attach them all to one email if possible rather than sending multiple emails.

Inclusive Sizing

​Inclusive sizing allows for more body sizes and shapes than traditionally seen.  To clarify for our designers yarnpeople expects a minimum of sizing options from XS to 3XL, preferably to include 4XL in the grading options.  The sizes shown in the table below show the bust size in inches for each of the sizing options.










28 - 30

32 - 34

36 - 38

40 - 42

44 - 46

48 - 50

52 - 54

56 - 58

60 - 62

​Benefits: Exclusive Design

  • Design is exclusive to yarnpeople for three months, after which all publishing rights revert to the designer.
  • Yarn support, tech editing, and testing on Yarnpond are supplied.
  • You will be required to post your sample to the UK. We hold a professional photo shoot for each issue. Your sample will be retained for up to three months, then returned to you.
  • Multiple Instagram posts and a blog post linking to your web location of choice.
  • Fee paid via PayPal on issue publish date.
  • A copy of the digital issue.

Benefits: Previously Published Design

  • Design rights retained by original designer.
  • Tech Editing supplied.
  • Photography to be supplied by designer, minimum 9 shots of item (including some with human/animal model)  No child models.
  • No sample required.
  • Multiple Instagram posts and a blog post linking to your web location of choice.
  • Fee paid via PayPal on issue publish date.
  • A copy of the digital issue.


We have recently reviewed our fee structure and can give the following examples of fees for new designs;
Hat in 3 sizes: $70-$100
Baby garment in 5 sizes: $100-$130
Adult garment in 9 sizes: $180-$300

The exact fee will depend on a number of factors including the complexity of the design.
3 months after publication, rights will revert to you and you will then be able to use the final tech-edited version of the pattern (including charts/schematics) as you wish. We arrange yarn support for all designers. Your sample remains your property, but we will hold onto it for a while in case we get pattern queries, or for display at shows. We will return your sample to you at the same time as your publication rights.

​Intentional Inclusion

​​All Contributors to yarnpeople are selected by Intentional Inclusion.

​We specifically look to work with people of colour, people from/living in places outside of the US and UK, male & gender-queer identifying people, people with disabilities, and so forth.  

​We seek to collaborate with people with different identities, life experiences, skills, and geographies.

Please ensure you include your story and chosen hashtags to enable us to make the best choice possible.  Examples are provided on the submission page.

If you have any questions please contact ​

About yarnpeople

We publish digitally and are launching hardcopy in 2020. For an idea of our style, check us out on instagram:

We are always keen to welcome submissions from designers who are members of under-represented groups such as BIPOC and LGBT designers as well as disabled designers. Please get in touch if you need any special arrangements – for example, if you need longer knitting deadlines due to a physical disability.