Meet the Team

It takes way more effort to bring yarnpeople to life than I had even expected way back in early 2018, when I sent out the very first open call for lace designs.  Whilst its possible that I could do this alone I wouldn’t want to, plus the quality of the magazine would be significantly lower than it is currently.

I wanted to build a team around me of highly skilled peeps who totally get the reasons behind yarnpeople.  This would stop me going insane and bring added views, which my life experiences didn’t bring to the table.  By working with a cross section of cultures, beliefs and societies we can stop yarnpeople falling into the ‘regular’ traps of current mainstream yarn publications.

Enough with the babble…. You want to see the faces behind yarnpeople right?

​Babs Rudlin, she/her

​Editor in Chief, Designer, Back Office Organiser and Bottle Washer

Yup this is me, I don’t tend to push myself forwards that often as this publication isn’t about me its about all the other talented dyers, designers, tech editors, spinners and hobbyists in the world of yarn. I’m not personally BIPOC nor am I LGBTQ+, however many of my extensive family are.

If I can’t use my inherent ‘white privilege’ to bring some much-needed balance, amplifying the message that “isms” of all sorts are not acceptable and must be challenged, then it’s a waste.

I’m generally talking to people, discussing new designs, themes for future issues and keeping all the yarn balls in the air at the same time.  I also look after the website, make sure the Ravelry store is up to date and all the subscriptions are working correctly.  I write the bonus patterns for all our wonderful customers who pre-order an issue, along with the majority of the custom design requests from dyers.

​Karen Moffett, she/her

​​Community and Testing Co-ordinator

Karen is amazing, she has been with me from small beginnings and her wonderful sense of humour keeps me grounded at all times.  Karen will happily call me out if I’m being an idiot and she is always excited by running a new test.

If you have any questions about yarnpeople, the Facebook Group, any CALs, KALS or tests we are running it’s Karen you need to speak with first.


​James Bartley, he/him

​​​Technical Editor

A linguist who can translate patterns as well as Tech Edit them James has worked with yarnpeople since issue 2.  If your pattern is tech edited by James he will be in touch with you directly to clear up any questions.  He’s a lovely guy, who’s friendly, outgoing and will even go the extra mile to model an impromptu photo if needed.

Based in the UK

​Lisa Beth Houchins, she/her

​​​Technical Editor

Lisa is new to the team for issue 3, another team member with an excellent sense of humour mixed with a high quality of work.

Based in the US

​Dave Denby, he/him


When we can gather samples together or products need a professional showcase then it’s Dave I turn to.  A guy with an amazing eye for detail and unbelievably patient with a photo phobe such as myself.

​Creed Marketing, they/them

​Design & Magazine layout

​These are the folk who turn our plain words into the dynamic and captivating content you read from issue 3 onwards.  Excellent service, brilliant timekeeping and a high quality end product we can all be proud of!  Thank you so much for all your hard work making yarnpeople look so professional.