Luke Gilligan

Luke Gilligan designed the Unexpected Hat for Issue 3 | Cables.

Luke’s Story

I am a male knitter, fibre artist, and creative who has a dream to share the wonder, hope and love I find in crafting by providing technical editing services, blogging and pattern designing! I have been knitting for 10+ years and enjoy knitting accessories, working with rustic yarn and designing patterns that are inspired by nature around me!

I was taught how to knit by my grandma who taught me the simple garter stitch, and then my curiosity got the best of me and I found YouTube! Since then, I have taught myself everything I know! Knitting is a form of stress release, but it also keeps me busy! I thoroughly enjoy the knitting community, but also being able to have the opportunity to tech edit for such amazing, creative designers!

I love the idea of taking a medium like yarn, adding your own creativity and inspiration to it, and creating a pattern that others can knit as well!  


Luke also founded a nonprofit organization in 2016, called Huggable Happiness.

[Image Description: A young man is wearing a knit hat with his dark curly hair showing out of the top. He is softly smiling, looking off to the left and standing in front of a light brown background.]