KE and N’omi: Trans People are Models Too

When Karen sent her photos, she also sent her bio and a bit about who the models were.

As “I was beginning to get a handle on my health challenges, my second child, KE, began really struggling with their identity, as well as their mental health.

Assigned female at birth (AFAB), they identify as non-binary, leaning towards masculine, and prefer they/them pronouns. Having never personally known any trans, non-binary, or gender fluid individuals, it has been a learning process for our whole family.

As KE has battled stubborn mental hurdles within our sphere of family and friends, they have become more confident in themselves, and more determined to be their unique, true self, instead of trying to fit into any particular mold.

When we first started @sleepydragonworkshop KE had only made a few crochet and loom knit hats and scarves for family and friends. Since then, they’ve begun making amigurumi on commission and have developed quite a repertoire of fiber art sculptures, many of which they have designed themselves. They will soon be releasing their first pattern on Ravelry.

KE is studying Art at a university in Indiana, and working as a curator for the university’s Permanent Art Collection. KE is the model wearing the blue-green Dragon Lace Hat.

The other model (wearing the yellow hat), is KE’s girlfriend, N’omi. She is a Jewish trans woman, studying computer programming in California. She plays piano beautifully and plays Super Smash Brothers competitively.

[Image Description: Two people wearing hats joyfully throwing leaves. The text yarn people and models appears in white around the edge of the frame.]