Jeanette Sloan

We are so excited to announce that a design from Jeanette Sloan @jeanettesloan will be in yarnpeople Issue 1 | Lace.

To learn a little more about Jeanette we are sharing her #diversknitty introduction!

Thanks Sockmatician @sockmatician for instigating the #diversknitty hashtag, it’s really lovely to see all types represented in the knitting & crafting community. So here’s a bit about me, and if I haven’t already I’d love to meet you

I’ve been hand knitting for 43 years
I was taught by my Barbadian Mum so black people clearly DO knit
I can also crochet, machine knit and embroider
I wish I sewed more
I love bright colours, they lift my spirits
I love listening to music while I work
I enjoy cooking and eating and have been told I post too much about them – tough
I’m told I’m a very good cook
I have very bad eyesight
I’m a bald black woman and sometimes that bothers me
I love what I do but lack confidence most of the time
I’m a member of the BEST Stitch & Bitch group
I love going to spinning classes but if you see me on a regular bike – get out of the way. I also suffer from migraines
I’ve had Hodgkin’s disease, breast cancer and brain surgery and knitted my way through all three.
I’ve suffered memory and concentration problems since my brain surgery
I’m married to a photographer but don’t enjoy having my photo taken
I lived in Edinburgh for 14 years and got married there
I love making people laugh
I have a wicked sense of humour
I live 3 minutes from the sea and love it