​Issue 4 | ​Texture ​Available Now

In Issue 4 we're going all out for texture.  A mixture of lace, cables and more provide a selection of patterns with a very tactile, touchy-feely construction.

​​A collection of articles including:

  • Places You Can Knit: ​At the Beach
  • ​Farming Fibres : Silk
  • ​When a Festival Gets it Right
  • ​Tips for Travel with Your Crafts

In Issue 4 we have some fabulous ​designs for your ​yarn enjoyment including:

  • Crochet Satchel
  • ​4 Shawls and a wrap
  • ​Socks
  • ​Hat
  • ​Cushion Cover
  • ​Mittens

This Issue includes designs by:

  • ​John Glen
  • ​Karen Moffett
  • Babs Rudlin
  • ​Mathieu Arnold
  • Anna Friberg
  • ​Jenny Campayne
  • ​Cecilia Losada
  • ​K E Moffett

​I can’t wait to show you everything we have all ​worked so hard to achieve! 

​Buy your copy ​now!

​Babs x

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