​Issue 2 | ​Brioche +   ​Now Available ​ In Ravelry!

In Issue 2, the motif is brioche + another element, and the theme is Multilingualism & Multiculturalism.

​Model: Alinta Sara, IG @alintasara

Designer & Photo Credit: Fabienne Gassmann

In this issue we show that brioche techniques can be simple or complex.  They are possible in both knit and crochet. They produce fabrics for all seasons. Brioche is not limited to one gender.

Likewise, the designers come from the yarn community worldwide. They speak many languages. They are from and have lived in many different places. They are adventurers, expats, immigrants, and wanderers. They have survived and thrived using their making as a way both to express and heal.

The designs, articles and interviews in issue 2 come from people & places in the yarn community worldwide showing that yarnpeople are not limited to one language, one culture or even one place.

Yarnpeople are all of us.

In Issue 2 we have some fabulous brioche designs for your sticks and string including:

  • ​4 Hats
  • ​3 Shawls
  • ​2 Wraps
  • ​1 Cowl
  • ​ Multiple Interviews: including Ravelry Staff
  • ​Guest Article Authors: including Francoise Danoy of Aroha Knits

​Brioche is for Beginners, with our help!

Babs Rudlin of Yarn Academy will be hosting two FREE 5 Day Challenges to get up to speed with the Brioche Techniques in both knit and crochet, in ​anticipation of the magazine launch.

​When you buy a copy of yarnpeople ​you don’t just get beautiful patterns, helpful tutorials, and exclusive interviews, you also donate to charity, we raised over $500 with Issue 1!

​For every issue of yarnpeople the guest contributor chooses a charity.

Issue 2’s Guest Contributors are The Ravelry Team​

​They have ​chosen ​Amnesty International as their ​charity.
They specifically wanted to find a charity that works internationally but at a multi-local level. They have a specific interest in bringing awareness to people who are refugees.

​​​Amnesty International ​focuses on human rights globally.  They describe it as "a global movement of people everywhere who challenge injustice anywhere." Their approach is multi-local.  They work with local people, local volunteers, local concerns to fight for freedom, justice, and equality on a global scale.
Amnesty's "I Welcome" Campaign organises direct action we can each take to welcome refugees into our communities and fight back together against inappropriate government response to this crisis.

For our part, we donate $1 USD from us and $1 USD from you for each copy of Issue 2 sold.
Together we ​can make a difference.

​When you buy a copy of Issue 2,

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​For Issue 2 the giveaways items include a selection of yarns and other goodies from our Sponsors:

  • Big Bad Yarns
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  • ​Happy Go Knitty
  •  Hey Mama Wolf
  • Ovejite Be!
  •  Perth Festival of Yarn
  • Stephen & Penelope

​This Issue includes designs by:

​Leela Francombe

​Gaia Tarantino

​Mira ​Bradshaw

​​​Dejana Knezevic

​Aline | Skeinwalker

​Katie Bredbeck

Fabienne Gassmann

​Rachel Henri

​Meinhilde | Kiku Corner

Lidewij Niezink

​I can’t wait to show you everything we have ​​planned! 

​Order your copy ​now!

​Babs x

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