​Issue 1 | Lace : ​Now Available with Pay What You Wish!

​New Back Issue Pay What You Want Pricing

Each back issue will now be accompanied by a selection of 4 discount options.  This continues our belief that yarnpeople should be accessible to all, which includes those on a limited budget.   Plus we still give $2 to charity for each issue sold, even with Pay What You Wish pricing.

​With this e-zine we show how identity, experience, and geography meet with making to create incredible work.

In ​Issue 1, the theme is lace.

We will show that:

  • ​Lace is for knit and crochet.
  • ​Lace is for summer and winter.
  • ​Lace is for him, her and they.
  • ​Lace is for adults and children.

The patterns and articles will cover a diverse range of people & places in the yarn community worldwide showing that yarn people are not just this or that, but they are this AND that.

The designs included feature yarn that varies all the way from lace weight to chunky/bulky.

​When you buy a copy of yarnpeople ​you don’t just get beautiful patterns, helpful tutorials, and exclusive interviews.

You also donate to charity.

​For every issue of yarnpeople the guest contributor chooses a charity.

Issue 1’s Guest Contributor is Nathan Taylor aka Mr Diversknitty & the Sockmatician

His chosen Charity is the UK-based National AIDS Trust.

​Nathan wrote regarding his choice, “Their slogan is ‘Transforming the UK’s response to HIV’ and that’s exactly what I try to do with my openness and candor about my own HIV status.”

Together we donate
$1 USD from us and $1 USD from you
for each copy sold.

And you are automatically entered into our monthly giveaways!​

​For Issue 1 the giveaway items include:

  • ​A rainbow stitch marker bracelet
  • Guys Knit by Nathan Taylor ​
  • a ​month's membership ​for Knitcrate
  • a selection of yarns from multiple dyers including Big Bad Yarns, Dye Candy, Fully Spun, The Project Bag and Dyehouse Yarns

​Monthly winners will be announced on Instagram, in our newsletter and on our Blog (yarnpeople.co.uk/blog).

​This Issue will include designs by:

​Jeanette Sloan

Julie Dubreaux

Francoise Danoy

Erika Du

​Babs Rudlin

Lauren Mcelroy

Becky Sorensen

​Nataliya Sinelshschikova

Karen Moffett

​Eline Alcocer

We can’t wait to show you everything we have planned! 

Pre-order your copy or your subscription now!

​Katie & Babs x

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