How to Use QR Codes

​We use the square QR codes in the print copies of yarnpeople for your digital download copies of ​all the individual patterns and a digital version of the magazine.

A QR code is a square collection of dots which most mobile phones and pad devices can automatically recognised and ask if you wish to open the web page the code links to.

Our QR Codes are always on the first page, with the Editors Casting On comments.​

Simply hold your phone, or pad over the code and it should be highlighted and a pop up box will appear asking if you wish to open "".

​When you ​tap this mesasge you will be taken to the relevant page in Ravelry with the download code already added.  Simply click the "Use this coupon" button and Ravelry will do the rest for you.  A complimentary copy of all the files for that issue will be added to your Ravelry Library.

​If you have any issues please get in touch with and we will do our best to help you out.

If your phone doesn't recognise the QR code automatically there are plenty of QR apps for iOS and Android, there are also a range of options for webcams to act as scanners too.  A quick search on google will give you all you need.