Francoise Danoy

It’s pretty awesome that within 10 minutes, people were able to recognise @arohaknits beautiful lace work.

We’re so happy to have Frenchie join our first issue!

Her work, along with her new Fibre Muse Podcast, is an intersection of making with identity. This intersectionality is precisely what we want to represent in the yarnpeople e-zine.

I (Babs) first encountered Frenchie taking part in her 5 Day Shawl Challenge, which was swiftly followed by the (now  regularly run) Initiate Knit Design Challenge.

Frenchie inspires others to create magic with their yarn by showing them how to take their ideas, give them order and create their first pattern.  To support designers Frenchie also runs Swatch Studio, which is where Katie and I met and began our discussions around inclusion, what we see vs what we would expect to see, which eventually lead us to create yarnpeople.