Fatimah Hinds

Fatimah Hinds of @DisturbingtheFleece designed the Shawl for EveryBODY for Issue 3 | Cables.

Fatimah’s Story

Fatimah is a knitwear designer who styles and models her own product shots with photography by Barbara Benson @tumpedduck. The styling of her photo shoots is a large part of Fatimah’s branding.⁣

Fatimah grew up in a house filled with maker made things, mostly by her mom. She taught Fatimah how to crochet and cross stitch as a teen. They celebrated Kwanzaa with handmade gifts for each other. This idea of using your own hands and creativity stuck with her and led to learning to knit as a young adult.⁣

Not only is Fatimah an amazing designer but she also shares her story of Lived Experiences of Racism in the yarn world.⁣ From fears around her business, the cruelty of others commenting of the photos shared to promote the designs to the vitriol in the complaints over simple mistakes in a pattern. These are Fatimah’s experiences and I am honoured that she has choosen to share them with us. ⁣

Without hearing these stories those who are fortunate enough not to have experienced this cannot have any understanding of what is truly happening in the world. By listening, taking the time to digest without a knee jerk defensive reaction we can begin to see these happening in real time. ⁣

I’d love to see a world where we don’t look away, mumble quietly under our breath that ‘that’s not right’.⁣ By stepping up and taking a stand to support those who are experiencing this life in real time we can all build towards a better world.⁣

You can read more of Fatimah’s story and her love of yarncraft in yarnpeople Issue 3 | Cables.

⁣[Image Description: The ends of Fatimah’s very curly short hair is turquoise. She is smiling brightly directly into the camera, and is wearing a bright pink sweater. The background is a medium brown  wood paneled wall.]