Eline Alcocer

We are thrilled to announce that a design from Eline @emmyandlien will appear in Issue 1 | Lace.

Eline is a crochet designer, and her work is stunning. If you take a peek at her gorgeous IG grid, you will also find her work is as thoughtful as her submission & acceptance notes.

In her note, Eline wrote that she knew that as a middle-class, skinny, white female, she was already over represented in the fibre industry, but that as she really supported our project, she wanted to submit even if she couldn’t be included.

What she didn’t say in the cover letter was what her identification statement said: that her lived experiences included some pretty difficult circumstances to overcome.

I (Katie) wrote back to her that our goal is to be intentionally inclusive. This means making sure we are sharing work from designers of colour, designers in different locations all over the world, work from designers of different gender presentations, and people with different lived experiences.

I also wrote that I share some of Eline’s life experiences, and as you will see, it can be quite difficult to say these things out loud. But when we see our experiences represented we find connection with other people, we find comfort in our connection, and we can help others with similar lived experiences find their place in the yarn community as well.

[Image description: Eline is in front of a mirror holding a camera in one hand and pulling her scarf out to show it with the other hand. Her camera is obscuring part of her face. She has red curly hair and glasses, and she’s wearing a black and white striped shirt as well as the scarf.]