Easy Magic Circle in Crochet

A simple video tutorial showing you how to create that sometimes confusing Magic Circle. A magic circle is an expandable, or shirinkable circle used to begin a spiral or circular design.  It is often used in the centre of a pentagonal shape for a blanket motif for example.

Perfect for a tight start to a hat, a sock toe or of course a squidgy amigurumi 3d creature.

This stitch is used in our ​free Crochet Pattern ​"Popcorn at the Movies Shawl".

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​How to Create a Magic Circle

​This is actually a very easy method, watch the video for everything to become super clear.

Wrap the yarn around your index finger on your left hand. If left handed reverse these instructions.

  1. Wrap a second time and hold the working end loosely to the left of the first wrap.
  2. Insert your crochet hook under the first wrap of yarn and catch the working end of the yarn under the hook and pull under.
  3. ​Loop  yarn over the hook and pull through, creating the first stitch worked around the circle.  You can now work around the circle according to your pattern instructions with stitches of any height.  
  4. Once all stitches have been worked pull on the loose end of the yarn and tighten up the central space for a snug fit.