​Issue ​6 | ​Colourwork​​

Pre-Order Open for ​Digital

​​In light of the current situation with coronavirus (changes in purchasing priorities and job security) we are taking pre-orders for a period of 2 weeks.  

If we reach 200 pre-orders by Friday April 3rd Issue 6 : Colourwork will go ahead.  

Sadly if our goal of 200 pre-orders is not achieved we will be placing the regular production of yarnpeople on hiatus until the coronavirus pandemic has eased and refunding any pre-orders which have been placed.

​I truly hope we have enough support to continue to work with the talented individuals and the many new designers who have signed up to our open call mailing list.

Babs x

​There are 10 patterns, ​lots of choice for both knit and crochet​,for your yarny pleasure in this issue.

  • ​Lumen
  • ​All Webbed Up
  • ​Chromaticity
  • ​Holiday Memories
  • ​Spike
  • ​Lines and Lattice
  • ​'Seun
  • ​All the 3s
  • Steadfast Fellowship
  • ​Drifting Flakes

​​That's 78 pages of fab yarny goodness direct to your ​Ravelry library.

I can’t wait to show you everything we have all ​worked so hard to achieve. Remember ​we need to reach the goal of 200 pre-orders by Friday 3rd April to create the issue. Please share the signup information with any friends who would enjoy our work.

​Don't miss out order your copy ​now!

​Babs x

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