​Issue ​5 | ​​Stripes ​​

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​Issue 5 of yarnpeople features designers and their striped creations from multiple continents.

​​A collection of ​features including:

  • Places You Can Knit: ​While Hiking
  • ​A Day in the Life of a Silk Farmer
  • ​The Tempestry Project
  • ​Love Colour by Brooke Adams
  • Joining Yarns Tutorials

​There are 12 patterns, ​lots of choice for both knit and crochet​,for your yarny pleasure in this issue.

  • ​Lillium
  • ​Lightning
  • ​Fall in Line
  • ​Twin Wing
  • ​Colour Pop
  • ​Cascade
  • ​Canadian Adventure
  • ​Melting
  • ​2 Way Gloves
  • ​Breakthrough
  • List ​Undergrowth
  • ​Slow Exposure

This Issue includes designs by:

  • ​John Glen
  • ​Srividya Ganapathy
  • Babs Rudlin
  • ​Vimala Vignesh
  • ​Jaya
  • ​Marna Gilligam
  • ​Susanna Biaye
  • ​Crystal Hiatt
  • ​Alyssa Coffey

​Not to mention tutorials, a select of fab new books you may want to read.... go on you know you won't be able to resist!  That's 78 pages of fab yarny goodness direct to your door, or Ravelry library.

I can’t wait to show you everything we have all ​worked so hard to achieve. Remember it's now your choice for Print to hold in your hand, with a complementary digital copy too, or our standard digital copy direct from Ravelry.

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​Babs x

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