Claudette Brady

Claudette Brady, @slipstitchneedlecraft has come up with an amazing, fully reversible cable hat design which really breaks the mold. It’s available in Issue 3 | Cables.

Claudette’s Story

I was born on the island of Jamaica and migrated to the US at age 7. My mother taught me to crochet and sew at 8 years old I taught myself to knit from one of her books.

Years later I would learn that my mother knew how to knit but did not feel she was competent enough to teach me. I stopped knitting and crocheting as a teenager, but started again about 12 year ago, and now knit or crochet almost daily. I also started designing crochet and knitted garments and accessories at that time. I am particularly fond of cable and color-work. I would call my design aesthetic “classic with a twist.”

When I am not knitting, crocheting or sewing, I share my passion for the needle arts by teaching others. I also own an online yarn store.

[Image Description: Claudette has very curly, chin length dark hair and a big smile. She is wearing a sleeveless pink and white shirt and sitting in front of a light coloured brick wall.]