Brooke Addams of Fully Spun

#ad #giveaway

With your copy of @yarnpeople Issue 1 | Lace, you are entered into a giveaway for each month of the issue. Some of our advertisers have given items to the giveaway.

Brooke Addams the indie dyer behind @iamfullyspun is one such advertiser.

She says, “I believe that the colors around us enrich our experience. My mission in making is to share my love for color with others and enable others to share and express their love of color through the yarns that I create.”

She finds inspiration everywhere from a favorite song to brunch with friends.

She works in management during the day. And even as an introvert, she finds collaborating with other makers really fulfilling.

You can find her beautiful yarn at Fully Spun, and of course, you have a chance to win a skein in the Giveaway with your purchase of yarnpeople Issue 1 | Lace.

[Image Description: Brooke seated in chair looking down lovingly at skeins of her beautiful yarn.]