Becky Sorensen

We are happy to announce that Becky Sorensen @sopranoknits also has a design in @yarnpeople Issue 1 | Lace. She learned to knit from one of her fellow opera singers as something to do during downtime.

She says this about designing, “Designing came into play at a time when I was struggling with a lot of self-doubt about my singing. It was an outlet for me before, during, and since my move from my native US to Germany. Being an expat, alone, struggling with the language and my own anxiety, knitting and designing kept me present and reminded me that I’ve always been capable of making something out of nothing, and even (hopefully) being able to put a little more beauty into the world in the process.”

“As someone with an anxiety disorder, I’ve found designing to be a perfect solution to both the gifts and the struggles of my anxiety. My anxiety makes me motivated and ensures I always follow through, while designing has made me more present, more patient, more focused on the process than the result and has thereby created more balance in my life.”

We can’t wait for you to see her dramatic design.

[Image description: Becky sitting at a dressing table backstage knitting wearing her opera costume.]