Babs Rudlin

Hi there I’m Babs.
My pronouns are she/her and I’m a middle class, white woman, married to my ever patient hubby with two kids, a dog and a rabbit.
I’m a human filled with contradictions…
I’m intensely private and I have a few youtube channels.
I was born to be a mother and cannot have kids.
I love people and I’m desperately shy.
I worked on an oil refinery in my first job, can swear like a trooper and I get embarrassed by the word gusset (which I need to use when designing socks).
I can talk about nothing for hours and about anything important to me I become a mumbling idiot.
I live to find win/win solutions, for me there is no such thing as a win/lose its just lose.
I have a kind trusting heart which gets broken frequently by other humans.
I love to inspire others to achieve their dreams.
I make because if I didn’t I’d go insane!
I get stressed easily and begin to count everything around me.
Knitting and crochet give me real reasons to count, while creating something beautiful.
I live to help others and generally I can spot when that help isn’t needed and can back away.
I constantly ask questions and explore new things.
I come from a family that values education and I don’t have a degree (I chose to work rather than study it was an option).
I promised my parents that I’d get my degree when I got pregnant and stayed home with the baby, neither of those things ever happened (that wasn’t my choice).
In my family of teachers and educators too many have been lost to dementia/alzheimers.
I love to sing and I torture everyone around me when I attempt to do so.
I’m an old fashioned girl in a modern world.
I love learning about history and new discoveries.
I often retreat to a world of fantasy and enjoy science.
I read books almost constantly, I knit and crochet almost constantly; not sure how this happens, maybe I’ve tapped into the fourth dimension without realising it!
I love dogs and waited 20 years to get my second puppy.
I adore kids and waited 11 years for a child to come onto my life.
I’m sick of waiting for good things to happen to good people… now I’m making changes in the hope the ripple effect will create a better world for others.

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