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Issue 5 | Stripes: Twin Wing Shawl

About the Pattern: ​A mirrored effect is created by this pair of matching triangles using the C2C, corner to corner, method. A soothing easy pattern which can be changed up with your choice of colours. For me there is a hint of Wonder Woman about this colourway, I’d be interested in seeing which colours you opt for […]

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Issue 5 | Stripes: Color Pop Shawl

About the Pattern: ​Colour Pop is a top-down, winged triangular shawl that uses a simple two-colour slip stitch pattern. The stitch is a simple combination of plain knits, purls and slip stitches. The slip stitches create coloured dots and lines that run across the length of the shawl. The tiny pops and lines of colour spaced […]

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Issue 5 | Stripes: Fall in Line Cowl & Scarf

About the Pattern: ​Fall is that time of the year when Nature puts on a wonderful colour show for us. This scarf is inspired by fall colours.This pattern can be used to create either a scarf, with optional fringe, or a cowl.  Instructions are given in full for both options. 𝗗𝗲𝘀𝗶𝗴𝗻𝗲𝗿: Vimala Vignesh of Viva Designs   […]

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Issue 5 | Stripes: Lightning Shawl

About the Pattern: ​Having watched with some delight the interest in Brioche Lace patterns grow over the last few months, I decided it would be fun to figure out how some of these effects are achieved and after about half an hour of experiments and some determination not to buy a book etc. I realised that […]

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Issue 5 | Stripes: Lillium Shawl

About the Pattern: The Lillium Shawl accidentally evolved while trying a unique construction. The worked up stitches look like building blocks ascending from one side and descending on the other. Imagine Lego bricks stacking up on top of each other starting from the centre block extending a new block each side as you increase the hight, building ontop […]

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Issue 5 | Stripes: 2 Way Gloves

About the Pattern: ​This Glove is ideal for a busy person that still wants to keep warm while active with easy use of the fingers.  It is adorned with big puffs and can be worn in two different ways as desired. Petals, Stripes, Colourwork and Puffs an excellent introduction into a  wide range of new techniques for […]

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Issue 5 | Stripes: Breakthrough Hat

About the Pattern: Breakthrough is inspired by the many paths, trails, and roads we all travel. Some short and others long. These lines represent our journeys to discovery. On each path, we hope to connect with others – listen, learn, and respect each other – and continue to grow. Breakthrough is a great unisex hat to add […]

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Issue 5 | Stripes: Slow Exposure Shawl

About the Pattern: This is a deceptively simple knit – soothing stocking stitch, with bursts of a moss stitch stripe adding a little excitement. It’s a perfect knit for holidays, knit-nights and long train journeys, and for those times when a spot of comfort-knitting is called for. The contrast of the purple pop in mohair as particularly […]

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Issue 4 | Texture: Wrapped in Stars Shawl

Pattern: Wrapped in Stars A remarkably simple to knit 3 skein aran project. Working with two strands at the same time this is a super snuggly, warm wrap. The starburst pattern is a comforting pattern which repeats on your needles with increasing speed as you work through the project.⁣ ⁣ Once blocked the rhomboid shape […]

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