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Eline Alcocer

We are thrilled to announce that a design from Eline @emmyandlien will appear in Issue 1 | Lace. Eline is a crochet designer, and her work is stunning. If you take a peek at her gorgeous IG grid, you will also find her work is as thoughtful as her submission & acceptance notes. In her […]

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Jeanette Sloan

We are so excited to announce that a design from Jeanette Sloan @jeanettesloan will be in yarnpeople Issue 1 | Lace. To learn a little more about Jeanette we are sharing her #diversknitty introduction! Thanks Sockmatician @sockmatician for instigating the #diversknitty hashtag, it’s really lovely to see all types represented in the knitting & crafting community. So here’s […]

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Francoise Danoy

It’s pretty awesome that within 10 minutes, people were able to recognise @arohaknits beautiful lace work. We’re so happy to have Frenchie join our first issue! Her work, along with her new Fibre Muse Podcast, is an intersection of making with identity. This intersectionality is precisely what we want to represent in the yarnpeople e-zine. […]

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What is yarnpeople?

There are many, many pattern and craft channels and, of course, craft magazines in the world. But ask yourself this….how varied and diverse are the people who make and model the designs featured? Do you see designers of colour? What about people in places outside of the  US and the UK? What about the ages […]

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