Annelies Baes-Vicarno

Annelies Baes-Vicarno, @annelies_baes, designed the stunning yellow Crochet Cable Shawl which she models here for you. This design is available in Issue 3 | Cables of yarnpeople.
Annelies’s Story

Annalies decribes herself:⁣

“I’m an autodidact crochet designer. I started designing ‘because’ of a sleepless child, and I needed something to keep me sane. Now I realize it was meant to be!⁣

My goal is to design beautiful items, that are high on trend, using quality yarns.⁣ I love it when people use their own creativity and imagination with my designs.⁣ Crochet is a way to express who I am!”⁣

Autodidact: Self education, without the guidance of masters. One who chooses the subject they will study, their studying material and the studying rhythm and time.⁣

[Image Description: A smiling lady with light brown hair is standing in front of a background of pale green leaves. Annelies is wearing a large yellow shawl embellished with crochet cables and raised stripes.]