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​Advertising Options Now Released for Issue 3

We ​have limited space available for yarnpeople Issue 3, advertising sales for Issue 3 will close on 5th June 2019.  Please contact Babs via email if you wish to advertise over multiple issues,

Motif: ​Cables
Theme: ​Collaboration| ​Co-operation

Issue 3 will be published ​week commencing 24th June​ 2019

  • ​​Full Page            $500 USD
  • ​Half Page           $275 USD
  • ​Quarter Page    $150 USD

​Indie Dyer Rates

In support of smaller businesses we offer a special rate of $35​​ USD  for an eighth page advert space.  This option is ​reserved for smaller business.

Note: ​Advertisers will be ​required to donate an item​ for giveaway during the life (three months) of the ​issue.

​Note: We reserve the right to refuse advertising space to companies who do not support the themes and ethics of this publication.

Yarn Support Available f​or  Issue 3

Thank you for your interest in providing yarn support for yarnpeople e-zine Issue 3.

​Motif: Cables
Collaborations | Cooperation

Issue 3 will be published near the end of May​ 2019

Our goal is to match relevant weight yarns from locations near to the designers involve in each issue.

​Custom Design Packages  ​​

​​These are options available for yarn dyers who want a bespoke pattern designed to be featured in yarn people.

Costs are dependent upon the size of the project  designed:

  • Small Design (hats, gloves, socks): $100 USD
  • ​Medium Design (shawl, wrap, light top): $200 USD
  • Large Design (blanket, cardigan, sweater): $300​ USD

​Dyers supply yarn support for the design, a giveaway kit and a 10% - 20% discount for testers.

What You Get

​Dyers will receive:

  • ​A pattern designed exclusively for your yarn to be part of the quarterly yarnpeople ezine.
  • ​Upon publication of the pattern, you will receive 20 copies of the pattern for you to use as part of a kit.
  • ​After a 3-month time period, the sample will be returned to you upon request.
  • ​Babs will record an episode for the Yarn Academy you tube channel​ sharing the experience working with the yarn, it's highlights and features, and the story of the brand.
  • A​n interview w​ith the yarnpeople blog! Once the collaboration has begun, we send ​a series of questions for you to answer. These answers will be edited for light grammar corrections. 
  • Review of the product/yarn on​yarnpeople
  • Mention in ​promos prior to the issue launch.
  • An advertising graphic, with active html link, included in the first issue of yarnpeople.
  • ​An Instagram and Pinterest share each month for the ​duration of the issue (3 months).
  • ​A square side bar ad with a link to your preferred shop/website in for the duration of the issue (3 months).

​Please contact me directly at ​ to discuss the Custom Design Package thats right for you.