Adrienne Larsen

The sheer joy of this photo of Adrienne Larsen, aka @the_yarnslayer is infectious, in the best way! Who doesn’t love a pineapple? If not you, what is your preferred head adorning fruit?⁣ Adrienne designed the Eye of Sauron hat and mittens set for Issue 3 | Cables.
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Adrienne’s Story

I was born in one of the coldest and snowiest parts of the world, so it was necessary to find something to do during the long winters. Although I have moved around the country for work and schooling, I have found myself back in the north central United States. This winter was particularly punishing. Even my ferrets took to hibernating in the drawers underneath my bed. The store where I work was almost completely hidden by snow mounds several times this winter! The coldness of the winters is eclipsed by the beauty of the summers in my native Minnesota, however.

My background includes an M.S. in Textile Engineering from Philadelphia University. My designs have appeared in publications including Interweave Knits, Knitscene, knit.wear, Creative Knitting, Vogue Knitting, and Knitter’s Magazine. My winning knit fabric design was also distributed nationally through Urban Outfitters.

Conventional wisdom dictates knitting is relaxing and mindless. Unfortunately, I’ve never been good at relaxing and mindless. As a child, knitting gave my antsy hands something to do. As I got older, my antsy hands and restless brain searched for harder and harder patterns to conquer. Finally, nothing would do except to invent new patterns myself.

These days, the creation of a simple pattern isn’t quite enough to tame my restlessness. It demands that my designs push the envelope, often beginning with the thought, “Is this possible?” With that, a quest to slay the next dragon begins!

Through my work as a knitting instructor and yarn guru at Prairie Fiber Arts Center in Moorhead, MN, I enjoy teaching people how to slay their own dragons.

We are very pleased to be working with Adrienne for this Issue 3 | Cables!⁣
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⁣What challenges have you set yourself recently? Will you be accepting Adrienne’s challenge of the matching mitts and hat, let us know in the comments below.

[Image description: Adrienne is wearing a sleeveless aqua sweater, standing with her arms held out, with a pineapple on her head and a big grin on her face. Behind her is a treeline separating a blue sky filled with fluffy clouds from the softly rippled surface of the water.]