​​Exploring the People & Places of Yarn

​ With this e-zine we show how identity, experience, and geography meet with making to create incredible work.

​Intentional Inclusion

​​In our pages you will find that we collaborate with all the people in the yarn community. From models to designers, from tech editors to dyers and makers, we intentionally include people with a diversity of identity, life experiences, and geography.

​Across the Globe

​Each issue has a theme that centres around a technique rather than a season.  Our contributors are across the globe, as are our readers, and we ​all experience different weather based on our location. Focusing on technique makes the e-zine more inclusive and relevant no matter where you are in the yarn community.

Curated ​Playlists​

​​For each issue, we invite all yarnpeople Contributors to add songs, audiobooks, and podcasts to our curated playlists.  These playlists add to the theme of the particular issue.  The playlists also give you something fantastic to listen to while you stitch.

Issue 1's Playlists are about identity and diversity.

​Giving Back to Community

​For ​every issue of yarnpeople, ​the Guest Contributor chooses a charity ​that is meaningful to them.

We give ​$1 from us and $1 from you to ​that charity for each ​copy purchased.​

Issue 1's Guest Contributor is Nathan  Taylor aka sockmatician.  His chosen charity is the UK based National AIDS Trust.

​Issue No.1 : Lacework

​This time we focus on the beauty of lace in different weights of yarn, for all seasons.  We have hats, shawls, scarves, a toy, socks, wraps and a cardigan.  We feature interviews, designer and dyer stories, the history of lace through the ages in both knitted and crochet form.  With a monthly giveaway for all readers there is something for everyone.

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