​​Exploring the People & Places of Yarn

​Our mission is to feature those not usually seen in mainstream magazines.

​Intentional Inclusion

​​All Contributors to yarnpeople are selected by Intentional Inclusion.

​We specifically look to work with people of colour, people from/living in places outside of the US and UK, male & gender-queer identifying people, people with disabilities, and so forth.  

​We seek to collaborate with people with different identities, life experiences, skills, and geographies.

​Across the Globe

​Each issue has a theme that centres around a technique rather than a season.  Our contributors are across the globe, as are our readers, and we ​all experience different weather based on our location. Focusing on technique makes the e-zine more inclusive and relevant no matter where you are in the yarn community.

Issue 4 | ​Texture

    In Issue 4 we're going all out for texture. A mixture of lace, cables and more provide a selection of patterns with a very tactile, touchy-feely construction.

    In Issue 4 we have some fabulous ​designs for your ​yarn enjoyment including:

  • Crochet Satchel
  • ​4 Shawls and a wrap
  • ​Socks
  • ​Hat
  • ​Cushion Cover
  • ​Mittens

Issue 3 | Cables & Collaboration

​In this issue we showcase a range of simple to complex cables in both knit and crochet.  We have more exclusive designs in this issue than we have brought you previously. The designs, articles and interviews in issue 3 ​have a positive upbeat feel, despite tackling some pretty heavy topics.

In Issue 3 we have some fabulous ​cable designs for your sticks and string including:

  • ​Hat and mitten matching set
  • ​4 Shawls
  • ​2 pairs of socks
  • 3 hats
  • 2 sweaters

Issue 2 |​Brioche +

In Issue 2, the motif is brioche + another element, and the theme is Multilingualism & Multiculturalism. 

​We show that brioche techniques can be simple or complex.  They are possible in both knit and crochet. They produce fabrics for all seasons. Brioche is not limited to one gender.

Likewise, the designers come from the yarn community worldwide. They speak many languages. They are from and have lived in many different places. They are adventurers, expats, immigrants, and wanderers. They have survived and thrived using their making as a way both to express and heal.

Issue 1 | ​Lace

​This issue is now Retired and no longer available for purchase.

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